2017 Here We Come!

Dear Friends and Fans,

2017 Here we come! We are excited for another awesome year of singing playing and dancing with YOU, the best damn fans a little homegrown, independent band could ever hope for.  It has been the ultimate privilege to put a smile on your faces, a dip in your hip, and some honey in your earholes year after year.  It is also a great responsibility to be an artist and have the awesome power to inspire through song and dance.  It is you have given us this power by believing in us over the years and giving us the opportunity to grow as musicians and people. So thank you many times over, see you soon, and remember: PEACE and LOVE are here for us to choose, anytime and anywhere. 

Now that you have read our email we sincerely doubt there is anything else important for you to do on your computer. We kindly suggest you log out, turn off, and hug somebody.  

– Lech