Lending a Hand: Our Thoughts on Buying, Streaming and Sharing Our Music

One of the questions we get the most at the merch table after shows is “What is the best way to support the band?”.  As we move further into the age of streaming, the answer is a bit more complicated than it used to be, so we wanted to give you our perspective.

First and foremost, just being fans of the band is the best reward we could ever ask for.  Coming out to shows, dancing all night, and having a blast….that is what it is all about for us.  That being said, constant touring isn’t the cheapest endeavor in the world so here are a few ways you can help out if you’re so inclined:

1. Coming to shows.

2. Buying music.  We have vinyl too. You can pick up any of our albums at our store,  iTunes,  Amazon or your local record store.  If you prefer streaming, see below.

3. Share our music on Spotify.  (You can follow our profile here )You guys are our radio….when you share our music with your friends it’s an incredibly powerful thing.  So email a link to our music to your friends.  Add us to your Spotify playlists.  Put our whole catalog on repeat at a party.  Spread the word far and wide.  You can follow us on Spotify HERE.

4. If you’re a Pandora user, create a station based on our music.  Pandora is an incredible avenue for music discovery and the more people that are enthusiastic about our music, the more they push it out to other channels.

5. Pick your favorite song or video and post it on Facebook.  Some things never change….the best way to learn about cool music is from your friends!

6. Keep in touch!  Join our email list (conveniently located on the upper right side of this page!) to keep up with tour dates, news and new music.

7. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube.


Good morning Drops Fans,
We’re coming off a hot streak in Colorado, Strawberry Music Festival, and Burning Man. The band is having a blast and we’re plenty excited for what’s still to come. This Friday, September 11th we are officially releasing the new album “A River’s Invitation.” Click here to pre-order the album on iTunes and click here to pre-order a physical copy of the album.

To celebrate the release we are celebrating with 2 nights at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco.

FRIDAY Sept 11

The California Honeydrops West Coast Honey Soul Review featuring Grace Love, Jimmy James, Freddie Hughes, members of the Lowrider band, and many more!
TICKETS: http://concerts.livenation.com/event/1C004EE8F1DD868A?dma_id=345

Most people know about Memphis and Motown, but the West Coast has long been home to a vibrant Rhythm and Blues scene. On Friday we will be joined by some of the West Coast’s best soul talent for a show unlike we’ve ever played before. Freddie Hughes will take you back to the old school of Bay Area soul, and Grace Love and Jimmy James (of Seattle’s own Grace Love and the True Loves) are guaranteed to blow the roof off the house. With a beefed up rhythm section featuring members of the Lowrider band (the original members of WAR), it’s gonna be a Honeydrops party for the ages.

Support from The Honeyjugs featuring The Soul Tub!
This is a must see for all you old school Honeydrops fans who’ve been with us from the beginning. The Honeyjugs will feature members of the Honeydrops – past and present – including Nansamba Ssensalo and Charlie Hickox. We’ll be digging into the old school jug band repertoire of our original BART station performances, including extra funky doses of jug, tub bass, and washboard.


The California Honeydrops
TICKETS: http://concerts.livenation.com/event/1C004EE8F1E3869C

Oh what a night! It will be full of the kind of loosey-goosey, endless partying that the we are know for. Many friends from up and down the West Coast will join us. There will be no set list (as is our tradition), and there will be no plan – but there will be a party and you will sweat, dance, and cry. Caution: you may find the love of your life (or of that night) out on the dance floor. Get ready for some new jams.

Support from Charlie Hunter
The amazing and incredible Charlie Hunter will be opening and collaborating. His list of accomplishments is too long to list. I mean every word when I say he’s the hardest grooving, baddest, and most unique guitar player on earth today. Look out!